Get Started Using TrakGene

Self Hosted

$60per month
  • Users: Single
  • Deployed: on your own PC or Laptop
  • Backup and Recovery: Tools Available
  • Set Up: Download and Start Immediately
  • Data: Stored Locally
  • Support and Training: Available

Secure Cloud

$80*per month *Azure fees to be paid direct.
  • Users: Multiple
  • Deployed: on your Azure Cloud Platform
  • Backup and Recovery: Automated in Azure
  • Set Up: Up and Running in Days
  • Data: Secure on HIPPA Compliant Cloud
  • Support and Training: Available


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  • Users: Multiple
  • Deployed: on Existing Infrastructure
  • Backup and Recovery: In House
  • Set Up: Fully Supported Project Team
  • Data: Conversions and Migrations Available
  • Support and Training: Provided