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Some of our Highlights, there are plenty more

Built in pedigree drawing, custom report builder, integrates with BOADICEA, supports HL7 integration, used around the world, continuous development cycle, extensive help and support.

Customised Front Page

Customise the front page to work the way you want to and streamline your workflow.Take a Tour

Quick Reporting

Build custom reports with our drag and drop report builder for fast reporting.Take a Tour

Pedigree Drawing

Integrated pedigree drawing. No need for separate software or additional licences.Take a Tour

Risk Tool Interfacing

Seamless interfacing with risk tools like BOADICEA for faster risk assessments.Take a Tour

Data Entry

Intuitive patient information entry page making data entry more efficient.Take a Tour

Trusted Expert Support

An experienced team providing both technical support and support to clinical users.Take a Tour

What our Clients Say

The System allows us to quickly record any telephone, email or mail contact between our nursing staff, our patients and doctors; so were all on the same page- Rachel Wundke, Hepatology Registered Nurse, Flinders Medical Centre
Trakgene provides a solid base from which to manage a CRC service. The ability to record family history via the pedigree system provides an effective and efficient management solution.- Karen Saxty, SCOOP Clerical Officer
Ready to start using TrakGene?

Andrew Grant

Founder and CEO

As the founder and CEO, Andrew is the man with the vision. He spends his time developing the business and establishing the strategic priorities.

Kathryn Van Diemen

Support Manager

Kathryn ensures that all of our users are supported. She spends her time supporting sites with upgrades and progressing new feature requests.

Tim Jackson

System and Integration Analyst

With a passion for innovation, Tim works on new developing new feature requests, requirement specifications and on integration projects.

Rahul Trikha

Lead Developer

As the Lead Developer Rahul and his team make the vision and the plans a reality, spending their time developing the software.