Clinically Requested and Designed Features

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Customised Front Page
An updated front page that can be customised so that clinicians can work more intuitively.

Home Screen Alerts
Interactive alerts on the home screen bring important information to the clinicians’ attention when they need it.

Use tabs to open multiple screens and work on several different files at the same time. Flick between tabsĀ at the click of a button.

Pedigree Drawing
Integrated pedigree drawing. No need for separate software or additional software licences.

Quick Reporting
Build custom reports with our easy to use drag and drop report builder for fast and accurate reporting.

Mail Merge
Create letter templates to mail merge appointment letters and other standard documents to cut down administrative workload.

Export Data
Easily export data in just a few clicks to work on data in other applications. Data can be exported in a range of different formats.

Interface with Risk Tools
Seamless interfacing with risk tools like BOADICEA for faster and more accurate assessment of risk of genetic conditions.

Data Validation
Validation rules reduce the risk of data entry errors leading to invalid data. Reduces clinical risk and improves reporting accuracy.

Rename Fields
Use local business terms to assign alias labels to fields. Enhanced user experience, increased adoption rate and less resistance to change.

Security Permissions
Assign users to groups and set group permissions to grant / restrict access to data and to system features.

Modification History
Store a full history of changes made to any records to keep track of who changed what and when. Improved security and data integrity.

New Features Driven by Feedback from Clinicians

We understand that the needs of clinicians working in genetics will change over time and that new technologies will bring new opportunities to the genetics community. We maintain a dialogue with our customers and other key stakeholders in the genetics industry to drive our product development. We are proactive in identifying, designing and developing new features in TrakGene based on feedback from the genetics community. We prioritise our development based on features that have the greatest demand from clinicians.

We are always open to requests from clients for new features and will work with clients to develop a specification for those features. Were there is demand for a site specific feature, we will always try to accommodate these requests and develop features that can be customised and used by a range of sites.