Secure Cloud

Step 1 - Subscribe Now

Use Paypal and start using TrakGene now. Once payment is received, we will issue you with a License Key. Remember, you also need to have your own active subscription to the Azure cloud platform (; this is not included in the TrakGene subscription.

Step 2 - Download

Download our simple installation package that will guide you through the installation of all the required software to get started. If you want to run it on a Mac, please see additional guidance below.

Step 3 - Activate

Activate your installation by entering your licence key.

Step 4 - Configure Back Ups

Download and install SQL Backup Master (Free) to create scheduled back ups of your TrakGene database to a destination of your choice, including Dropbox or Google Drive.

You are just four steps away from being up and running with TrakGene


Want to run TrakGene on a Mac?

TrakGene is a Windows desktop application and also uses Microsoft SQL Server Express. To run TrakGene on a Mac we suggest you Install Windows Using Bootcamp. You will need to purchase a copy of Windows if you don’t already have one.