Pedigree Chart Drawing

Family History Maker

Our Pedigree Chart Drawing tool provides an efficient way of capturing the family tree, while at the same time creating the family member records in the the TrakGene database. Pedigree charts can be created in a matter of minutes, quickly adding family members and their relationships with the family tree.

Information about family members, including diagnoses and consents, can be captured easily by double click on a family member to open up their record in TrakGene; no having to switch between different applications.

Pedigree charts can be customised to hide selected people or information about family members to maintain confidentiality in clinics. Pedigree charts can also be exported as a digital file so that customised family trees can be attached to the patient record.

Pedigree Drawing Tool Features

We are continually developing our integrated Pedigree Drawing Tool to meet the emerging requirements of genetic clinicians. We work closely with genetic clinicians to develop TrakGene and this includes our Pedigree Drawing Tool, ensuring that we have the features that the genetics community needs.

The video above shows our integrated Pedigree Drawing Tool in action. We have listened to feedback from the genetics community they want a single application that can store the pedigree and family member patient records in once place. Our integrated Pedigree Drawing Tool means there’s no need to go out and buy or licence a separate piece of pedigree drawing software.

Produce Pedigree Charts Quickly

Record Relationships Between Family Members

Add Additional Family Members In Seconds

Display Diagnoses On Pedigree Charts

Customise Pedigree Chart Symbols and Labels

Hide Sensitive Information on Pedigree Charts

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